Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Buster's Gate Asherton, TX - Mar 17

Buster's Gate Asherton, TX - Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Morning 60 Degrees, Wind SE 2 Mph, Humidity 94%, mostly cloudy with showers (mud expected). Afternoon 74 Degrees, Wind SSE 1  & gusting to 2 Mph, Humidity 94%, mostly cloudy.  The hoe mud scraper is working well. One tenth of an inch of rain and this is the muddy road we get.

We had more traffic today as welders and parts came o=in to the well pad for assembly and construction of oil processing and storage. There was enough water from rain showers to make everything messy.

Muddy road
This is the second time working for this company and the services they supply are being provided on time at this site. The company has replaced the fuel and water guy who was a seven to ten day schedule person with two people one fuel and one water and they are on time every week the same day (different days, Monday & Thursday). This makes a gate guards life to know there supplies are delivered by people who are reliable to be there on time. Although we are not as "remote" as we were in 2013 it is always in your mind the generator needs diesel and the water in the tank for our washing and showering needs.

Locals Feeding

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