Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Buster's Gate Asherton, TX - Mar 6 - 8

Buster's Gate Asherton, TX - Friday, March 6, 2015
Morning 36 Degrees, Wind E 8, Humidity 65%, mostly cloudy.
Afternoon 54 Degrees, Wind S 4 Mph, Humidity 55%, partly sunny for a while mid day then mostly cloudy.

Drying the muddy road the last of the frak tonight, plenty of sand trucks there is a pause after the frack is finished overnight tonight, then the "rig down" and move out will take place Saturday. With the road drying (no mud) there is less stress for the drivers going wide around Buster, but they still try and drive the center of the road. While I am out there I try and motion to the drivers to keep the turn wide.

Empty trailer close to the gate post

Sand conveyors moving out
Buster's Gate Asherton, TX - Saturday, March 7, 2015
Morning 36 Degrees, Wind S 6, Humidity 61%, mostly cloudy.
Afternoon 64 Degrees, Wind SSE 7 Mph, Humidity 55%, partly sunny.  

Decent day the road is dry solid, no mud and partly sunny in the afternoon and turning to cloudy rain tonight.

Move out day for the frak companies, but extra vehicles need to come in for everything to move out making it even busier. The sand company moving out their conveyors (two) that each hold four of the sand boxes.


Buster's Gate Asherton, TX - Sunday, March 8, 2015
Morning 51 Degrees, cloudy. Rain last night enough for puddles and mud, again
Afternoon 74 Degrees, Wind Mph, Humidity 85%, mostly cloudy rain showers.

Still moving out and today moving out a temp housing unit on a five axle trailer, the house is over size wide and long, the gate post was hit. Turns out the horizontal bar going to the next post was not welded good with both welds failing. It resulted in very little other damage that the welds.

Computer problems, I am doing this on a old Vista computer an I have crashed my Windows 7 computer. It is like relearning all over again, but I am making do even with the function keys in other places (home & end).

Other wise a quite day traffic day yesterday, rain overnight into today with new mud and water puddles. If the house was moved latter yesterday there would hace been no problem for the gate post, with the dry road, but with the mud the trucks steer tires were slipping and little directional control for the driver.

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