Thursday, May 14, 2015

Buster’s Gate Asherton, TX - mAY 13 new gate

Buster’s Gate Asherton, TX - Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Morning 72 Degrees, Wind ESE 6 & gusting to Mph, Humidity 100%, Overcast.
Afternoon 83 Degrees high for today, Wind E 13 & gusting to 22 Mph, Humidity 84%, mostly cloudy.   Rain this morning before I went out, rain puddles on top of the mud.

We were contacted by another company for a gate job and we are going to leave here and take that gate south of Carrizo Springs. Bonnie and I are leaving here on Friday weather permitting.

New Gate
After the proper telephone calls were made this morning, confirming our new gate and informing our current gate company of our pending departure. Bonnie staying up to gate guard I drove to the new gate site. It’s twenty-six miles from here, single gate all our other sites were double gate entrances. While I was away from the gate and at the edge of town there was a few things to pickup at Walmart I had all but two and looking for the last item I purchased the lights went out. I hastily went to check out what I had, lucky I guess maybe battery backup for the check out system. The whole town was without power, back at Buster our electric generator is working fine.

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