Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - May 23 - 24

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Saturday, May 23, 2015
Morning 75 Degrees, Wind ESE 3 & gusting to 10 Mph, Humidity 92%, Overcast.
Afternoon 89 Degrees high for today, Wind ESE 14 & gusting to 28 Mph, Humidity 61%, Partly sunny to overcast with rain showers.

Average Saturday until mid afternoon when a coil tubing crew came in the gate and after the evening shift change the evening crew (frac operator) left the site to allow the coil tubing crew to do their work. Weather here was not bad today or night as the “weather" went around us other parts of the San Antonio area received a lot of rain and wind. We had some gusts in the late afternoon that was trying to move Buster and there were some really dark clouds in the eastern sky but they did not come our way.

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Sunday, May 24, 2015
Morning 67 Degrees, Wind NE 2 & gusting to 8 Mph, Humidity 95%, partly cloudy.
Afternoon 90 Degrees high for today, Wind S 6 & gusting to Mph, Humidity 45%, mostly sunny.

Race day; F 1, Indy 500, Coke 600. Started slow this morning with the frac crew coming for a noon start. I went onto Carrizo Springs for grocery shopping early evening. Bonnie found the fourth magnet on the ground in front of Buster’s right side, so everything is now back to normal for the sun shades. When I was in town I forgot to load pictures for the blog and it will be until my next trip into town before there will be new pictures. Our Verizon signal is very low here at this gate we barley internet or telephone service. This means I cannot up load pictures here.

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