Sunday, May 24, 2015

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - May 20 - 21

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Morning 76 Degrees, Wind ESE 7 & gusting to 12 Mph, Humidity 85%, Overcast.
Afternoon 88 Degrees high for today, Wind ESE 6 & gusting to 10 Mph, Humidity 70%, mostly sunny. I wish we could get out of these overcast days mostly cloudy days.

Our fresh water tank was delivered then water truck came to fill that and I transferred some into Busters water tank as we were getting low. When Buster left the campground I had not fulled it completely, my bad. Not thinking I disconnected the water hose before checking to see a full tank. Buster’s water tank is is filled from the same connection as the pressure water. This means that we can use water inside or fill the tank. Even with good water pressure there is time to fill as the size of the tubing is small. Low pressure means long time to fill.

Another busy day otherwise with more belly dump trucks and then equipment trucks and sand trucks for the frac coming in to the site in the late afternoon.

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Thursday, May 21, 2015
Morning 68 Degrees, Wind E 13 & gusting to Mph, Humidity 100%, Overcast rain.
Afternoon 82 Degrees high for today, Wind S 6 & gusting to Mph, Humidity 45%, mostly sunny.   Thunder showers overnight onto the early morning, 2.10 inches.

The left windshield sun screen blew off during the night I can find only two of the four loose magnets. I will look latter for the others. Found one more magnet. One stayed on the windshield one dropped straight down and one was attached to the car. Bonnie was busy last night her first busy night here and with the rain. Most of Texas leaving drought conditions with the rain there has been this year.

Walking around in the mud transferring diesel fuel into the generator then water into Buster. I was too tired last night to do any more. There is better drainage at this gate we are not in water puddles with all the rain. The ground is more sandy here thus does not stick to our shoes the same way at this gate.

The diesel fuel is a gravity transfer and the diameter of the hose is not as large as the hoses on a pressure fuel pump, time to transfer is longer and I have to hold the handle as there is no automatic shutoff nozzle. I do not want to prop it open then forget walk away and fuel spilled on the ground. Right know our water transfer is done with a pump that does not have a pressure regulator, that is why I am transferring into Busters water tank every day.

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