Monday, May 25, 2015

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - May 22

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Friday, May 22, 2015
Morning 69 Degrees, Wind ENE 8 Mph, Humidity 100%, Overcast misty fog.
Afternoon 87 Degrees high for today, Wind ESE 14 & gusting to 19 Mph, Humidity 61%, Partly sunny.

Had a truck outside the gate “thinking” about coming in but was rechecking his directions. I was outside redoing the yellow lights by the door for bonnie’s night outings. It requires the use of the ladder as I wanted one high up and attached it to the cell antenna mast. I laid the ladder down on the side of the road when the truck decided to come in. After signing him he proceeded to run over the ladder. I purchased it in 1975, he said the company will replace it but they are not made any more.i will see what show’s up here at the site.

Our busy times are at “shift change” now, morning and evening during the five and six o’clock hour.  

I do not know who, but I think the oil company ordered tower lights for the gates, as we received a light tower for our gate. Placed where it can be refueled from our diesel fuel tank, Bonnie is happy to have the lights at night.

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