Sunday, May 10, 2015

Buster’s Gate Asherton, TX - May 8 - 9

Buster’s Gate Asherton, TX - Friday, May 8, 2015
Morning 73 Degrees, Wind ESE 12 & gusting to 17 Mph, Humidity 89%, Overcast.
Afternoon 87 Degrees high for today, Wind SE 12 & gusting to 21 Mph, Humidity 70%, Overcast.   Morning misty rain, but I did not get wet, you have to go outside to get wet.

SLOW gate traffic so I have been working on plan B, I have plan A so we need a plan B.

Buster’s Gate Asherton, TX - Saturday, May 9, 2015
Morning 75 Degrees, Wind SE 6 & gusting to Mph, Humidity 89%, Overcast     .
Afternoon 100 Degrees high for today, Wind SE 9 & gusting to 16 Mph, Humidity 31%, hazy sunshine.   Rain drops overnight, nothing to measure same as all week just a wetting. Thunder and lightening show tonight but a no rain event. Tuesday thru Thursday next week we are forecast to get a ninety percent chance of rain.

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