Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Benchmark RV Park - Meridian, Mississippi

Poche's RV Park Breaux Bridge, LA - Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Morning 77 Degrees, Wind SE 8 & gusting to Mph, Humidity 90%, partly sunny.
On the road with Buster fueled at ten after eight this morning, a record for us and Buster. I was I a rush to get going I did not take any pictures of the park, just not remembering to snap a shot.

Benchmark RV Park - Meridian, Mississippi
Afternoon 102 Degrees high for today, Wind N 2 & gusting to & 7 Mph, Humidity 49%, hazy sunny. Bonnie and I stopped here last year coming east, nice clean park but small only 27 sites so a reservation is needed as they do fill the sites most nights.

Three hundred and twelve miles later on Interstate ten and interstate fifty-nine with a short run in I 20 we are in Meriden, Mississippi for the night. That is our longest one day trip as we have not done three hundred miles in one day before with Buster. Seven forty-five we left the camp ground drive the five miles to near the interstate where we refueled Buster. We crossed east of the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, LA

While at the last gate I wrote about the low cell phone signal we had one bar 1X when actually trying to make a call I would press send and wait over a minute for any change other times Bonnie would try texting and have it reject for no signal or take a long time to send. Well Bonnie has been enjoying herself riding down the interstate texting. Most times if I looked at the phone I would see an additional bar when actually trying to transmit a call. Yesterday she mentioned to me a text she went out in on-time, or so fast she could not believe it was done that fast.  Going down the road we are getting 4G two or more bars for a signal. I reminded her we are traveling a route with cell towers close by major interstate highway she should get that fast service.

You can see I was out early by the darkness of the picture

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