Monday, June 1, 2015

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - May 29

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Friday, May 29, 2015
Morning 65 degrees, Wind S 7 Mph, Humidity 83%, Partly cloudy morning.
Afternoon 87 Degrees high for today, Wind S 6 & gusting to 17 Mph, Humidity 55%, mostly sunny.  
There was a inch and a half of rain overnight, woke me up but I was able to get back to sleep. There is a wash like behind Buster that cuts across the road and is acting as a speed bump (actually a depression). For the incoming traffic leaving me after signing in they position the vehicle to cross the depression going slow and going out they slow down, all this means as on the dry days there is smaller dust clouds coming at me. Now today after the rain no dust and at this gate we have no standing water after the rain like we had at our last gate. The road is not muddy, yes this is sandy dirt sticking to our shoes but not the MUD that we had at our last gate.

This afternoon, actually evening as it was just after six our new ladder showed up here. I had to call and remind them this morning, “after our noon meeting I will send it out to you”. It is just a eight foot fiberglass step ladder and not a combination strep & extension ladder.

combination strep & extension ladder. no more

With these storms the sun shades are blowing off, not enough magnets on the outside edge . The bar magnets are not working as well as the round magnets. The rounds are ½ inch and I will next order 2/4 inch size looking for the additional surface area. At this location it is the left windshield sun screen that is blowing off. The wind is coming from the northwest and picks up the edge pulling the of the sun screen off. I need to work on a way to secure the magnets to the sun screen, I am spending time trying to fund them every time they come off. Sometimes they drop on the ground where they were on Buster and sometimes they fly a distance away.

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