Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - weekend update

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Saturday, May 30, 2015
Morning 74 Degrees, Wind SE 3 & gusting to 12 Mph, Humidity 92%, Overcast.
Afternoon 83 Degrees high for today, Wind NNW 3 & gusting to 11 Mph, Humidity 100%, rain.   Thunder showers are forecast, Buster will get wet today.

Very busy morning as a drill rig moved onto another pad inside this gate. Actually there are a number of pads in here, the oil company we are working for has two gate guards me at the paved road and another gate guard at the pad entrance. Yes the wind then the rain came just enough to puddle down the road from Buster, down the road is good. A busy Saturday with a drill rig moving into another pad. People and moving equipment along with the sand trucks & others at another well pad. Our kitchen drain is slow and tomorrow I will try some draino to clear that trap out.

One of our neighbors  having a bit to eat

Busters Gate Carrizo Springs, TX - Sunday, May 31, 2015
Morning 63 Degrees, Wind N 1 Mph, Humidity 100%, Partly sunny.
Afternoon 85 Degrees high for today, Wind NNE 10 & gusting to 11 Mph, Humidity 59%, mostly sunny.   Two hundredths of an inch rain yesterday.

A slower morning than yesterday, sand trucks continuing to come and the new pad move in traffic is slowing down today but tonight or Monday morning traffic will pickup for that new pad. Bonnie was up latter today and after that I went to Carrizo Springs for our weekly shopping. While in town I uploaded some pictures of our gate site. I returned about dark needing to get the “cold into the refrigerator and get the light tower powered up. A working man’s work is never done.

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