Friday, July 11, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - Sound Bar

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Holly Springs, NC  - 75 degrees and mostly sunny to 105 degrees and mostly sunny, hot out there today.

Bonnie and I took Zane to a morning movie Lego, be careful of the “Crackle” (glue), a good children’s movie. We were up early as the movie started at ten o’clock, we were there by nine-thirty and there was a line at the ticket booth. Parents and plenty of children for the one dollar movie.

I did get carried away and put the sound bar picture on the last post. I was talking with John about low television volume with our rear television sound (too low). I purchased this twenty-two inch Sharpe LCD television in twenty ten thus completing the conversion to LED televisions in Buster. I had one there for a while but I moved that twenty-inch model outside to the box behind the right front wheel, and we use that when sitting outside. My hearing is not the best and this television has always been operated near the maximum volume since installation.

I did try some speakers from Radio Shack in the next year but I returned them, not satisfactory. It is more troubling to me in the summer as the air conditioner is operating raising the ambient sound level and the television sound is set the maximum output. Well this year I miss more words (almost all) when the air conditioner is operating. I need to do something and want to look into a sound bar.

Just so happens that John had one in the storage. I tried to connect it last night to any way I could and it was not working. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Holly Springs, NC  - 76 degrees and mostly sunny to 93 degrees and partly sunny, with rain showers came, while I was napping in the chair and had to get my shoes on go out and close the car windows and get back into Buster. Then the shower is over, but there were more light showers cooling down later in the day.

This morning I went to the Vizio Sound Bar online and downloaded the quick start brochure. I was also able to see the back side of the television better and today found the earphone jack for the first time in this effort. That works, connecting there and power to the bar we now have SOUND.

I am able to operate the Dish remote and control for the sound and hear all the words with the air conditioner operating. I have the sound bar volume set about half way up to full volume and the television sound is below half way up to full volume leaving me adjustment room on the Dish remote for any occasion. I have never operated the television with the volume set this low since I installed the Television in Buster.

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