Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pecan Park RV Resort, Jacksonville, FL - Air Conditioner Jul 29

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Saint George  (My place), SC - 68 degrees and mostly sunny. It was an interesting morning as the roof air conditioners were not working. Bonnie and I decided to push on to Jacksonville thinking a better chance of finding some place to do the repair. Buster pulled out of Comfort Inn RV Park just after eight-thirty trying to travel in the cool part of the day.
Pecan Park RV Resort

Pecan Park RV Resort, Jacksonville, FL - 95 degrees and mostly sunny. Buster arrived about two in the afternoon after running down interstate ninety-five most of the way. Buster stopped for a drink of diesel again ($3.739) in Georgia as Florida prices are much more, better to go in with a full tank. Two hundred and five miles travel today for Buster. Our little portable air conditioner struggled here during the afternoon sun. Bonnie and I located a place close to this RV park that will squeeze Buster in the shop in the morning.

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