Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Saint George (My place), SC - Buster is on the move

Monday, July 28, 2014
Holly Springs, NC  - 75 degrees and mostly sunny.

Bonnie and I saw the grand children off to school, they have been off all month as they are in year round school nine weeks in and threes weeks out and closed for the fourth of July week. July is also grade advancement month and now Ariana is going into eighth grade and Zane is going into fourth grade. Took a while to get the water hose and electric picked up and the pads where the stabilizer jacks go to the ground all stored into Buster’s basement compartments. Connected Tan Jan and were rolling by nine forty. Not bad after sixty-five days in one spot.
ariana & Bonnie

Saint George  (My place), SC  - 93 degrees and mostly sunny.  US 401 to Interstate 295 by Fayetteville going east a short distance (six miles) to I 95 then south to Saint George, SC for diesel ($3.699 not too bad a price in today’s market) and an over night camp. Total trip two hundred twenty four miles today.

George, Ariana & Bonnie

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