Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Jan 2 - 4

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Friday, January 2, 2015
Morning 37 Degrees, wind N 6, humidity 97%, cloudy. We are not enjoying the chili
wet weather, but it is not as bad as other southwest places RV er’s are having this winter.

Afternoon 45 Degrees, wind 4, humidity 99%, cloudy misty rain.
Lazy do nothing day, staying inside Buster out of the misty rain.

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Saturday, January 3, 2015
Morning 43 Degrees, wind NNW 5, humidity 95%, mostly cloudy.
Bonnie and I went to the San Antonio RV Show at the Freeman Coliseum. This year we only looked at motorhomes. Last year we were only a day out of gate guarding and was more exciting to be out walking around we looked at trailer also. Now with our new refrigerator we were not as excited about the new motorhome models. New cook tops were of interest to Bonnie. There was only one dealer showing motorhomes so that did not take long. We then went to Whole foods for a soup lunch, Bonnie had soup and salad while I had soup and half a sandwich.

Afternoon 60 Degrees, wind SW 4, humidity 52%, mostly sunny. The afternoon drive back to Buster was nice in the sun after these cloudy misty drizzly days. Then some NFL football playoff games. 

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Sunday, January 4, 2015
Morning 40 Degrees, wind N 5, humidity 95%, sunny. I went to Pleasanton H E B for some groceries otherwise we stayed in Buster all day.

Afternoon 56 Degrees, wind NW 8, humidity 51%, sunny. More NFL football playoff games. 

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