Monday, January 26, 2015

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Jan 21 - 24

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Morning 52 Degrees, wind NE 12, humidity 91%, cloudy, early fog and overcast later. Back to the glume overcast days after a nice weekend and start of the week.
Afternoon 64 Degrees, wind  , humidity 41%, cloudy lite rain late this afternoon.

I completed my file draw purging job I was using Walmart bags and I lost count of how many bags of paper and books from the insurance plans from over the years, every year a new book is printed and distributed. I do need to get into a regular cycle of purging the file draw. There has been a couple of workers “rigs” trailers, move out of the park and one move in as most of the rigs here are workers some with young children families.

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Thursday, January 22, 2015
Morning 63 Degrees, wind SSE 6, humidity 96%, cloudy rain showers. Rain showers last night after dark measurable just above a trace. by eight o’clock it was 52 Degrees with winds of 15 & gusting to 25 mph, the front came thru our area.
Afternoon 48 Degrees, wind N 7 & gusting to 22, humidity 80%, cloudy overcast.
Do nothing outside day with these rain showers and cold weather an old Televisions day.

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Friday, January 23, 2015
Morning 42 Degrees, wind NW 9, humidity 91%, cloudy and rain showers most of the morning.
Afternoon 47 Degrees, wind NW 10, humidity 89%, mostly cloudy we had some peeks of sunshine late in the afternoon.   Another inside morning and early afternoon of hanging in Buster. This weekend Bonnie and I are going to Austin for a sleep over.

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Saturday, January 24, 2015
Morning 33 Degrees, wind W 8, humidity 94%, partly sunny.
Afternoon 62 Degrees, wind NW 4, humidity 41%, mostly sunny.  
inside Bucee's
Austin, TX one hundred eleven miles with a stop at Bucee's for gasoline for Tan Jan and a toilet stop for Bonnie and I. A decent day for being out and about after four rainy cloudy days but not that warm. Carole and Avery are doing great and Jackie is visiting with childhood friends and will be here about noon tomorrow. We had a movie night as after dinner Avery put a movie disk in the DVD player and Carole made popcorn.

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