Monday, April 27, 2015

Buster’s Gate Asherton, TX - Apr 26 - 27

Buster’s Gate Asherton, TX - Sunday, April 26, 2015
Morning 71 Degrees, Wind SE 8 & gusting to 14 Mph, Humidity 100%, overcast.
Afternoon 79 Degrees high for today, Wind SE 9 & gusting to 17 Mph, Humidity 52%, mostly sunny.

Bonnie is not feeling well this morning, stomach gas so she went to bed. Later she was up long enough for me to go shopping, propane gas tank refill and drinking water. When I returned she went back to bed. While I was at my first stop, getting the water I noticed the volt gage in the car was low as I shut off the key but continued on with the task. The car battery did not have enough energy to start again when I tried to leave. I got out my cables and put the hood up “trolling” for a jump start. It did not take me long to catch a start waving the cables. I left the car running at my other stops until I returned to the gate and locked the doors with my spare key I keep in my wallet when going into the stores. The battery initially was charging when started but was a steady thirteen volts on the drive home to the gate. I put the charger on after parking and it did take a charge. Next time I go to town I will go by the auto parts store and have it checked out. NASCAR Richmond, VA today went off without rain.

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