Friday, September 25, 2015

Jacksonville, Florida -N Fla RV - Sept 23,

Jacksonville, Florida - Pecan Park RV Park - Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Morning 71 Degrees, Wind NNE 2 & gusting to 4 Mph, Humidity 88%, cloudy.
Afternoon 79 Degrees, Wind NE 5 Mph, Humidity 45%, mostly cloudy and rain later.
I moved Buster back to N Florida RV repair for the air conditioner installation. Bonnie followed me in Tan Jan. Pecan RV park is only one exit south on the Interstate ninety-five not worth the effort to put the car on the tow bar. We then went for a bite of lunch and hang out for a while so they could do their work. Bonnie and I are both under the weather with allergies and sinus congestion, basically not feeling up to doing anything. When we arrived back from a distance it looked like the work was not done and on checking with them there was a electrical connector kit that was not shipped with the unit. So we have another day delay.

Last night there was a lot of rain after five and Buster now has a small leak that I will have to get fixed also. Now it seams like it is one thing happening on top of another thing.

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