Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jacksonville, Florida - Thursday, Sept 24,

Jacksonville, Florida -  Thursday, September 24, 2015
Morning 68 Degrees, Wind NE 2 Mph, Humidity 93%, Overcast.
Afternoon 79 Degrees, Wind  & gusting to  Mph, Humidity 94%, mostly cloudy and rain later.

Parts delivery comes late or after lunch time. First they got the water leak fixed, no waiting on parts for that job. Bonnie and I went out for breakfast then hung around Buster. Bonnie actually went back to bed she was feeling so bad. I ended up napping in the chair while watching the television. Then the parts came, as it turned out without the wiring diagram. More communication with the parts supply and manufacturer and e-mail for that. On the old air conditioner, where the air goes in to be cooled there was a box about five inches square and on the new unit that equipment is now installed up in inside the unit thus different connections from the unit to Buster’s wiring.

They came in and disconnected everything inside and actually pushed the air conditioner up and off the opening some. The heavy lifting was all outside removing the old unit and installing the new unit. Inside work securing the unit in place and connecting the wires. Now the fun, no power at the thermostat, this took some troubleshooting then realizing there was no ground for the thermostat circuit.
Buster Parked for air conditioner work

Air conditioner operation is good, air flow is better and colder. There is less noise from the operation but you still hear it more than the portable air conditioner we use on the floor.
This is the box that was removed from the air inlet area

We still have issues with the lights, turn signals are not working and the brake lights are working four way flashers are working. To morrow we travel to Tampa.

This is the box installed in the bedroom air conditioner

New air conditioner inlet without the box

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