Saturday, September 5, 2015

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Aug 26 - Sept 5

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Aug 26 - Sept 5
I have been keeping busy with little projects of things I want done before leaving here. It has warmed to the high eighties and inti the low nineties so there iam inside Buster in the afternoon keeping cool. Then after cooling I am outside cleaning up the mess I made during the morning.

I got the cabinet back together under the sink, up off my knees, up and down and the weight on the knee I am happy that is done. I had material left over from the blocking the foot well closure I made a work shelf for when we are working the gate again. Basically place to put the clipboards when we are inside, on the right side of the dashboard. There is no flat area to place anything there and I also review the log pages to close each line item.
Ariana Playing third base

This past weekend was spent in Burlington softball field as Ariana played with the 16U team. The tournament was the first for this group of girls playing together as a team. They finished second single elimination tournament, they won the winners bracket but lost to the “winner” of the losers bracket. Of course Monday was a recovery day for Bonnie and I, Saturday was a longer day than Sunday but it is tiring, and we are not playing.

Ariana at bat

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