Friday, September 18, 2015

Jacksonville, Florida - North Florida RV Repair - Sept 17

Jacksonville, Florida - North Florida RV Repair - Thursday, September 17, 2015
Morning 51 Degrees, Wind  & gusting to  Mph, Humidity 95%, cloudy-rain.
Afternoon 84 Degrees, Wind variable 1 Mph, Humidity 100%, rain.

More happened yesterday, driving south thru Georgia we had rain during the last third of that drive very heavy at times.  There was some water intrusion at the left slide out. I have the antenna wire coming inside thru that seal. Needless to say that I did not “dress” the wire as we closed the slide out resulting in water coming in along the wire. Or I did not make a “drip loop”. Coming into the North Florida RV Repair driveway (industrial complex) there was a speed bump and it is angled where wheels on each side roll over one after the other, well I took it too fast and created a big cleanup for Bonnie and I.
After using Buster for a while a soap dispenser by the kitchen sink, the container plastic broke. Well finally this summer I replaced that and the replacement had a tube to use where you place the container on the floor of the cabinet below, well I did not “secure that in the compartment. Resulting in dish soap all over the cabinet floor and the tile floor in the kitchen area from that speed bump. A lot of work to clean that up the spilled dish soap.

Late morning we got all the bad news, there were or more chasses relays and engine controls in the power invertor compartment that I did not know were there, learned more about Buster. In there is a brake relay they removed to turn off the brake lights. But when the relay was reinstalled and brakes applied again the brake lights stay on.  When the left turn signal is set the rear camera and display come on (key off) four-way flashers come on but do not flash. I went to remove the relay again (to turn off the brake lights) and tried applying the brake checking the lights, worked properly. Four-way flashers work left turn signal works (camera does not come on with the turn signals). Everything is working normal, but the relay is removed?? Buster has a electric power crossing wires somewhere. Front air conditioner is not working well, low cooling and the refrigerant is low (closed system) resulting in the compressor shutting off while the blower continues to run. I have decided to replace the unit. The problem is it will be shipped here from Indiana in three to five days. We moved Buster to Pecan Park RV Park to await delivery then installation next week.

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