Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Original Ranch, Lakewood, NM - Gas manifold

Friday, July 27, 2012
The Original Ranch, Lakewood, New Mexico 70 degrees (for a short time) and mostly cloudy to 90 degrees sunny and scattered thunderstorms forecast again today. They came late morning a little more than making everything wet for about an hour.
Cattle walking past the ranch house

I am a little late in posting these pictures for getting to download the camera for a couple of days is my only excuse. Wednesday while on the front deck I took a picture of these "locals" moving past on their way to the arroyo.
Roswell, NM Walmart
South side gas manifolds
When I went to Roswell Thursday I took this picture of the remodeled Walmart store there.
Hot and cold water shutoff's for one washing machine
North side propane gas manifold

Hot and cold water manifolds are set for four washing machines, now we need the hot and cold water for the water heaters thru the wall to complete them and on to the sink and the toilet in the next room adding in the last three washing machines. Gas manifolds for the dryers are assembled and are awaiting installation. We made and painted blocks to mount the gas manifolds and the pipes to the walls.
Painted trim
Richard put the second coat of paint on the door and window trim. Neil worked on the hot water plumbing cold in and hot out to both hot water heaters. I worked on the dryer propane gas manifold. Now it seams like everyday there is more needed from Lowes to complete these systems. Wally is working weed control in the boondock area as the summer rains are bringing the weeds up often and fast.

Water connections
At four o'clock Bonnie and I went to happy hour at the ranch house.

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