Monday, December 9, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas Dec 8

Sunday, December 8, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 49 degrees and mostly cloudy to 62 degrees and mostly sunny.

On Friday June 21 we were released from the gate, actually we closed the gate as the requirement expired. We did get a heads up on Tuesday so we had time to get ready packing up and stowing things for travel. Bonnie and I took to a campground northeast of Pleasanton, Texas where we had been going to do our shopping while at the gate (48 miles from the gate). While setting up there and talking with the campground owner she suggested a restaurant in southeast San Antonio as we said that this will be the first night going out to eat together in more than three months.
Tan Jan & Buster parked at Texas RV

We were able to get our eyes checked and order new glasses while there in San Antonio. We ended staying there (eighteen nights) until Buster’s scheduled appointment for repairs needed, entrance step, electric transfer switch, batteries and others. While waiting for that we ended up purchasing a car to replace Silver Sally. Bonnie and I decided on Tan Jan (we did have a silver car for a long time but it was more than a color change. That also required adding towing base plates and electrical to Tan Jan and Texas RV Supply was able to do that also. We were able to stay overnight in Buster while the work was being done. We were there two nights before heading to The Ranch in New Mexico for doctor visits. More of our year next post.

Late this afternoon I made a trip to Pearsall for propane gas bottle refill, we have an extend a say valve thus extending the use of Busters onboard propane gas tank. We never pass the grocery or gasoline station. There is a meeting in Cotulla tomorrow that one of us must attend, company said. Another trip to town.

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  1. Wow! It looks like you sure stay busy. I hope you don't burn yourselves out. Looks like you pace yourself well. Take care & stay warm.