Friday, December 6, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas Dec 5

Thursday, December 5, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 67 degrees and mostly cloudy with fog to 43 degrees and mostly cloudy. Winter storm Cleon is starting we are feeling the wind come up first and the temperature is dropping. On how much we get will depend on how far south the line moves as most of the "weather talkers" are saying just above San Antonio for the line, we will see.

Crude oil tanker departing the gate, mud from wheel spray
On Monday the oil truck traffic was higher to catch up to the long weekend production, meaning the truck traffic over the weekend was enough to not have the on site tanks get too full. Monday I was mussing that the month will be the same as the past few days.

Tuesday started the same and then these two flatbed trucks came and walking over to them I am thinking that I need to redirect them to another gate, wrong. They had a delivery for my gate, one of the pads was going to get a pumpjack. Oil was being produced by the artesian method and will be converted to a pumpjack.

Tuesday afternoon an oil company man came to the gate to check, actually three different oil company men in three pickup trucks over the course of the late morning to early afternoon with the last telling me he is the site leader for the pump job and they will only be working that site nine AM to four PM.

This morning I am out at eight-thirty signing up the trucks today mostly men in pickup trucks and then there is the other pad's traffic coming also and that can continue twenty-four hours a day to their pads to remove oil or the water that is coming up with the oil. So we had to reposition some pickup trucks to allow the tankers into their work areas while the pickup trucks waited for nine o’clock start. Other work is the "flowback crew" monitoring the well twenty-four hours a day, living on site in travel trailers.

After three this afternoon I left the gate in Bonnie's care to get drinking water in Pearsall and do some food shopping before the weather takes the road to mud again. Any trip into town includes a trip the car wash, pressure wash, to take off three layers of mud off and always leave town with a full tank of gasoline.


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