Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas Dec 10

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 34 degrees and mostly sunny to 52 degrees and mostly sunny. A lot of frost today but yesterdays clouds have cleared into a nice day, cool but sunny nice.
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glad to see a nice sunrise
The gate traffic has picked up with the new work week and finding out today that two pumpjacks will be installed on the one pad. Or said another way twice the work I thought was going to be done. I do appreciate the traffic because the day passes faster for me going out to the gate and signing the trucks in and letting them out of the gate. When you just sit around waiting for someone to come the day drags on a long time. If I do something else like on Busters left side I get distracted and the vehicles are waiting for me at the gate, they honk (impatient) I do not want the honking to wake Bonnie.

Thru the brush the workover rig sticking up
While at the Lonestar Corral in Hondo, Texas Wednesday (Sunday to Wednesday) afternoon Bonnie and I got the call for a gate. We got Buster packed up and in the wind headed south to Dilly. When I went to start Tan Jan in Hondo, no go so I was able to get a jump start and on the way stopped at a NAPA store and purchased a new battery afer putting fuel in Buster. We meet the coordinator there at the fuel stop and headed for the gate assignment we are headed south on SR 85 for Big Wells and then he starts turning left on a changed planned route, I follow. He pulls into a camp area and we wait for information on a change on a change of plans. We camped there for the rest of the month. More of our year next post.

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