Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas Dec 9

Monday, December 9, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 44 degrees and mostly cloudy wet fog to 48 degrees and cloudy wet. Wet light fog all day, visibility was good just wet mist all day.

Bonnie was able to nap overnight as I had to go down to Cotulla for a company meeting she was alone here from nine to after one o’clock. Our caliche road was in good shape but going down FM 117 there was a place where many trucks had come onto the road bringing out dirt and that made a mess of the Tan Jan with a mud coat.

In July Bonnie and I left San Antonio with Buster repaired and a new to us car and new eyeglasses feeling good, we stopped in the Kerrville area overnight then Fort Stockton after arriving there the refrigerator started acting up. So I purchased ice and headed to Carlsbad, New Mexico and Carlsbad RV to have the refrigerator trouble shot, finding the control board was bad. That under control, part ordered we went on to The Ranch in Lakewood. Now the rest of July was the doctor for us or the RV doctor for Buster. As we took Buster to Carlsbad RV for the board replacement. Then ten days later the cooling coils failed as we smelt ammonia from the coil leaking. Wait for parts again and another trip to the RV doctor for Buster.

We dragged into September with another appointment for Bonnie at the doctor and did not leave New Mexico soon enough as a thirty year flood came and flooded The Ranch and the arroyo on the road in and out. (Thursday and Friday nights) We were air lifted out by helicopter on Thursday to buses waiting to take the evacuees into a school in Carlsbad for two nights. The Red Cross and Southern Baptist convention were operating the shelter for us Ranch evacuees. Saturday afternoon we were back at the ranch and we left on Sunday for Fort Stockton, Texas staying there six days before moving on to The Lone Star Corral in Hondo, Texas. While in Fort Stockton I was looking for gate guard jobs by e-mailing and telephoning. Friday I got word from this company move closer and that will help get us a gate soon. It did help but it took until October first to actually get gate. More of our year next post.


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