Sunday, December 22, 2013

“The Gate” Batesville, Texas Dec 22

Sunday, December 22, 2013
“The Gate” Batesville, Texas 49 degrees and mostly sunny to 74 degrees and sunny. We had a nice dry sunrise today with the morning warming early.

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Sunrise at the gate

Water removal truck turning around outside the gate
An interesting thing early this morning three of these water removal trucks (one at a time) show up here at the gate to make a u-turn even without presenting them self’s to the gate. Interesting that they are coming from the low traffic side (or road) and the u-turn also means they passed the entrance to a ranch they needed to make. Also they are playing “follow the leader” or one has the directions or thinks he knows where to go and got mixed up.

sending unit in the lower right above rock
On the fence corner post we have an alarm sensor that rings inside Buster letting us know someone is there. And these trucks making their turn cause the alarm to ring. Today the wind and dust are also causing the alarm’s to ring. There is another one inside alerting us to a vehicle going out also.

This water they are removing has been pumped into the ground while fracking the oil well. Some comes back up while pumping the crude oil and is then separated and stored separately. It is considered a waste product hauled to a treatment location cleaned and pumped into an old water well (disposed).


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  1. This is my natural hair color. like it much better than the lighter color.
    9days and counting we leave here Jan.1,2014.I need retail therapy.By choice I only left this gate once to go for the monthly G.G.get together in Coutulla.Doesn't light my fire so not a regular thing I want to do. we're 6 mi. from the highway the road is pot holed narrow with a lot of mesquite bushes
    on each side. so don't want to scratch the car.thus I coose to stay put.