Friday, December 20, 2013

“The Gate” Batesville, Texas Dec 20


Friday, December 20, 2013
“The Gate” Batesville, Texas 48 degrees and wet fog mostly cloudy to 80 degrees and partly sunny.

Happy Birthday to our daughter Chris.

I made Buster’s appointment for the furnace blower repair for January second. There will be another gate guard here on the first to relieve us on New Years Day.

Well there is one truck that went into the pumpjack installation pad with three men to get one pumpjack working, the propane gas engine was acting up. Last night there was a transport truck trying to pickup equipment that I had to turn away.

I went to Pearsall today before the forecasted rain resulting in a muddy road to the paved road. Bonnie had an easier day here at the gate today than I had yesterday as there was no big work crew. As a mater of fact Bonnie had enough time to take her “selfie”.  When I went to put gasoline in Tan Jan I meet another gate guard there and talked a little.


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  1. That hair color isn't very flattering.I need to take more selfies a pic tells the truth. One of the foreman asked me how George was I said wonderful He's the best husband I ever had.the only one for 491/2 years. He's been married 23 years just a rookie.Kind of different meeting some of the day peeps.My sweetheart brought lunch love the shrimp tacos had them at least 3 times. took me a long time to wind down and finally at 4pm slept got up at 9.feel rested been drinking tea have had 3 now the 4th cup. was a very nice day got up to 80 but a storm is coming thnik I'll soak the peas for pea soup.Happy nite.