Sunday, September 28, 2014

Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas Sept 27 Irene

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas, 72 Degrees wind 8 NE 91 % humidity cloudy morning to 73 Degrees wind 12 NE 99 % humidity rainy afternoon. So the rain yesterday and this morning we are still seeing rain west of us and hoping it stay’s west, it did not. It is my sister Irene's birthday (today 28)




Florida State (#1) at North Carolina State (56 - 41) both undefeated in football and Bonnie is a big Florida State fan. We had two vehicles at the gate before the rain, slow drenching rain, plenty of puddles everywhere. There were even rivers on the side of the dirt road (long continuous puddles).

Between morning and afternoon rains

Long Puddles 

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