Monday, September 5, 2011

Bozeman, MT Sunrise Campground

Saturday, September 3, 2011
Garryowen, MT - 7th Ranch R V Camp 42 degrees and mostly sunny and the winds are calm, thank goodness. Buster would have to work harder in the high winds heading to Bozeman, MT. Buster moved out of the campground before nine thirty today, good for him. The front slideout topper is now really bad and when closing I need to hold up the metal cover when Bonnie closes the slideout. The main awing on the right side is also tearing from the rear. I need to stop in Albuquque or Roswell, NM to have them replaced.
Buster at 7th Ranch R V Camp
 Bozeman, MT Sunrise Campground 70 degrees mostly sunny. Buster went down the road two hundred and nine miles. Silver Sally took us into Bozeman for a look see and a visit to Walmart. On the way out of Bozeman Silver Sally got a "Buggy Wash". The road into 7th Ranch R V Camp was a dirt road about a mile long, and even two hundred miles at sixty miles an hour did not blow all the dust off.

I 90 traveling west in Montana

Buster at Sunrise Campground Bozeman, MT

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