Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Island Park, ID - Valley View R V Park

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Snow caps going south from Belgrade, MT
 Bozeman, MT - Sunrise Campground 41 degrees mostly sunny. Just after ten we left the campground headed for Belgrade, MT to get Buster a drink of diesel fuel, 49 gallons 8.1 MPG. More climbing here in the west across Wyoming and Montana. Now headed south to Island Park, ID. Very nice drive along the Madison River west of Yellowstone National Park. A one hundred forty-two-mile trip today for Buster.

Madison River
Island Park, ID - Valley View R V Park
75 degrees and sunny. Then we took Silver Sally into Yellowstone a forty-six-mile trip to Old Faithful Geyser. With our senior pass that we purchased four or five years ago there was no charge to enter Yellowstone. We waited about forty-five minutes for the eruption to happen with a few of our close friends, wow what a crowd on a holiday Sunday afternoon.
Old Faithful Geyser, venting
Old Faithful Geyser, erupting
Busters states visited map has been updated to reflect our newest state visited in the motorhome adding Idaho. That is two states added this year unplanned. When leaving Wyoming it was planned to travel south to The Ranch in New Mexico, but things change. We are having a great time seeing Yellowstone again after thirty seven years.

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