Sunday, September 11, 2011

Springville, UT - East Bay R V Park

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Pocatello, ID Sullivan's RV Park 48 degrees and mostly sunny.
We awoke latter today and had a latter start and a longer drive headed south toward New Mexico. two hundred and twenty three miles today most all on interstate fifteen. South of SaltLake City there is heavy road construction, we found those "shovel ready jobs" but there were no shovels seen. You can feel the fast pace of construction as winter will be coming.

Sunrise looking west in Pocatello, ID
Springville, UT - East Bay R V Park 79 degrees and mostly sunny. Here I am going to see about the slide topper awning, it is so ripped over the table slide that I need to support the metal cover that comes over the material when the slide is coming in. The main awning on the right side had a tear but the end has ripped and now the end is flapping and can tear further easy so that needs attention.

Buster at East Bay R V Park
Utah another new state for Buster so we color in another block on the "States visited Map" on the right side of the blog. There are now two white holes in the states visited picture, one east and one west. That makes for future plans to get the states colored in.

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