Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cam-Plex RV Parks - Gillette, WY

Thursday, September 1, 2011
Cam-Plex RV Parks - Gillette, WY 52 degrees and mostly sunny to 73 and mostly sunny. There was a noticeable northeast wind today.
Ranch Hands Doris, Don, Roger and Barbra
These pictures are of our "Ranch Hands " busy at the Escapees Escapade. I captured this picture of our Ranch President busy at the Escapade
Escapees Elk BoF collected 106 pounds of pull tabs this year they will be donated to Ronald MacDonald House.

We attended closing ceremonies for the Escapade this afternoon but there are other social things still going on this evening.

I went to the Elks Lodge for the induction of new members from the Escapees into the Gillette Elks Lodge. There were fifty-one prospects proposed by the Escapees Elk BoF members to be inducted into the Gillette, Wyoming Elks Lodge.
Frank taking attendance
There lodge membership grew by one third to 157 members.

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