Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Draper, UT Camping World

Sunday, September 18, 2011
Draper, UT Camping World, 48 degrees and mostly sunny to 78 degrees and mostly sunny. Another perfectly nice day.
Buster at Camping World
Buster’s batteries were needing attention. I got after that today after avoiding it for a while. Four large golfcart six volt batteries with plenty of cables all removed cleaned up some spray paint on the floor of the compartment and hold down braces. This time I put some material under the batteries we will see if that helps keep corrosion level down. I feel like I dressed the wire connections for these better this time. There are two batteries with a cable positive to negative making 12 volts and another set up then these are cabled in parallel add the solar charge connection add the engine battery connection and a temperature connection. There is also another 12 volt battery connected that is in another compartment.

 Three other rigs came here to Camping World to over night here awaiting work.
Water syphon in winterize port, talking to the rig that parked to Buster’s left, he suggested that I add water thru the winterize port which uses the internal water pump. I need to acquire additional fittings and hose for that port.

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