Thursday, September 22, 2011

Price, UT - Walmart

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Price, UT - Walmart mostly sunny 51 degrees. Good aircard signal here. This is not a large Supercenter and not a high traffic route. We have had noisier campgrounds overnight. We continue east and south on US 6 and onto interstate seventy east and US 191 south to Moab, UT about thirty miles west of the Colorado state line. For Buster a hundred and twenty-one mile trip today, a little over two hours.

Buster parked at OK RV Park
Moab, UT - OK RV Park, mostly sunny 84 degrees. A typical tourist town, with plenty of tourists around today, nice weather too. Silver Sally took George and Bonnie into Moab for the "look see" of the town. Real touristy Colorado River town with plenty of Jeeps present here.

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