Monday, September 19, 2011

Draper, UT Camping World

Saturday, September 17, 2011c
Draper, UT Camping World, 54 degrees and partly cloudy with rain showers overnight
to 74 degrees and mostly sunny. A nice cool day.
Buster and Sally parked at camping world
We took Silver Sally to Cabela’s (outdoor world) for our first ever visit to Cabela's. I am looking for a water container to use when we are boondocking with Buster and need to add water to him. Well I got a container not at Cabela’s and tried to gravity fill Busters fresh water tank, it did not work the water in check valve prevented flow. I have two choices, defeat the check valve to get the water in then return the check valve to normal so Busters fresh water pump can pressureize the water when needed or get a small in line water pump to pressure past the check valve.

We are making plans; to move south and visit Moab, UT - Arches National Park then Four Corners Monument New Mexico and travel on to Albuquerque Balloon Festival. In going to the four corners area and we move thru Colorado we can color in another state on Buster's states visited map. We have added four states already this year twice as many as expected in our plans. Then moving on to The Ranch until Christmas.

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