Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Island Park, ID - Valley View R V Park

Monday, September 5, 2011
Island Park, - ID Valley View R V Park 27degrees and sunny to 73 degrees and mostly sunny.

Old Faithful Viewing Area
Silver Sally took Bonnie and I back into Yellowstone National Park thru West Yellowstone, MT the west entrance to the park and this is a scenic drive and some nice viewing areas of the park. This drive of about forty miles is thru three states, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
Bonnie going to viewing area
Today in addition to the Old Faithful Geyser we visited the visitors’ center and the store. In West Yellowstone on the way out of the park we stopped into a small sandwich shop that advertised Buffalo Burgers for Bonnie and they were very good. There was still a good size gallery viewing the park today.

Old Faithful starting
Today was a larger (longer time) eruption compared to yesterday's in the later afternoon.
The only view available along side of the road

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