Saturday, June 22, 2013

Atascosa RV Park Pleasanton, TX June 21

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - 76 degrees partly sunny this morning.

At nine o’clock our gate coordinator came to close the gate, Buster stand down your are relieved of your duty, move on down the road. Now it is readying Buster’s inside to close the slide out's and make ready to move. This will be a slow drive to the hard road.

The coordinator and I readied the generator trailer and got it hitched to his pickup truck. After he pulled that away I moved Buster off his spot and made ready to roll down the road. Bonnie drove Silver Sally so as not getting the car dusted on the dirt road going to SR 16. I remembered this from our first trip into the gate.

Buster's step is sagging

Once in Jourdanton I stopped Buster at a welder I had spoken to earlier this week about the step that is giving way with weight applied to it. He recommended a RV repair place in San Antonio. Monday I will drive silver sally there and talk with them about some of the repairs I
The first and last snake I saw at the Gate

We moved on to Atascosa RV Park total drive for Buster forty eight miles today, tit is thirty three miles into the Pleasanton Wal-Mart alone. Buster is about half way between San Antonio and Pleasanton and near the I 35 interstate highway (no noise). This is a new twenty site RV park with all paved roads and fifty amp electric power and good city water. No generator running outside Buster, newly paved roads, newly is not so good as there is tar sticking to our shoes.

Buster's moving down the road

Silver Sally Ready to go

It is still closer to Pleasanton but the draw of the big city sucked me in and we went into San Antonio for dinner at Carino’s Italian Grill. To complete the night we stopped into big Wal-Mart and a big H-E-B. These are big compared to Pleasanton’s and we both made it to bed early.

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