Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - June 7

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - 74 degrees partly cloudy this morning to mostly sunny 95 degrees. Breezy this morning, a warm breeze from the east. Mid morning there are some spits of rain in the air. Our water and diesel fuel came on the scheduled day Thursday this week amazing.

The cattle enjoyed them self’s last night and a larger group came by this morning after sunrise to feed and drink again. I refilled the steel bowls half full with water and they drank the bowls dry. This is what I am concerned about, draining our water tank for them. The sad eyes are looking for water and I can not refuse them.


That depression in the center of the white tank, collects water and black dirt.

Well we had rain all afternoon and yes we have puddles. And this was a most of the afternoon event. Then a tanker came in to load oil, thus the tire tracks here to the left as the heavy loaded truck making the turn digs into the wet roadbed.

You can see the shadow from Buster in these pictures and the edge of the left side window awning.

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