Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - 78 degrees and a thunder and lightening storm this morning to mostly sunny 95 degrees. And we have puddles. That was a quick and wet storm. This caliche road base gets muddy and slick sticking to your shoes.

Buster’s water and generator fuel delivery came after the rain, what a mess walking around and the tire tracks from the delivery rig. Overnight (Saturday to Sunday) there are these bugs they were all over everything out side. They were even grouped on the large rocks we have here.

Mud puddle
It is Sunday and NASCAR racing from Dover, DL’s Monster Mile.

Cattle coming to look for food and water
on the right is the pipeline area

Cattle came around at dusk looking for things to eat and water to drink. They were poking around the white plastic tank in the center of the top there is a depression that rain water had collected and the cows were after that. Then they were in the area cross the road from Buster wandering around after dark this was setting off our vehicle alarm that lets us know a vehicle is coming out. It kept Bonnie on alert as the cattle wandered around setting off the alarm.

Tire tracks and mud puddle

The white plastic tank is on the left side

The pipeline area is upper left of the picture

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