Wednesday, July 10, 2013

By The River RV Park - Kerrville, Texas Jul 10

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Texas RV Supply - 78 degrees partly sunny this morning.

It was a busy day for Buster and Tan Jan (TJ) here in the service shop (Tuesday) as TJ had the tow bar base plates installed and lights wired for towing after we had gone out for the morning. Buster’s patio awning was squared up so that it could be completely closed, well it still is out an inch in the front but I am happy with the work done on that other wise quite a few parts would have to be replaced to do any better.

Buster and Tan Jan parked at Texas RV Supply

The entry step is firmed up I did not get it to retract last night so I need to review that with the shop in the morning, that was working fine when we came in here. Turns out the sensor on the door frame was out of position and easily fixed. There was a problem I was living with, the control for the hydraulic jacks had been a problem operating the retract button, they had a spare part available so I had it replaced. Generator and engine oil and filters replaced. To today sometime this morning Buster and TJ should be moving down the road I will decide with Bonnie which direction we go.

Looking out the window of our lunch restaurant
Guadalupe River
By The River RV Park - Kerrville, Texas 97 degrees mostly sunny. We finished at Texas RV Supply by connecting the Enclave to Buster and doing a light check. They installed a battery disconnect for when Tan Jan is towed behind Buster. The base plates are Blue Ox and the ends of my Demco Tow Bar were replaced with Blue Ox ends. Seventy four miles west on interstate ten today was most of the trip. We are headed to The Ranch, Lakewood, NM

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