Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

By The River RV Park - Kerrville, Texas 74 degrees partly sunny.

In yesterday’s drive I noticed the difference in car weight behind Buster as we are encountering some hilly terrain. The going up I need to be more aware and anticipate the grade change to maintain speed better. On the down slope we gain more speed with the additional weight pushing Buster. San Antonio is a nice city to visit we had fun although we did not do any sight seeing there is always next time as there were other things on our agenda to get done and more to do down the road.

Buster & TJ at By The River RV Park
Parkview RV Park PPA Fort Stockton, Texas mostly sunny 101 degrees. Tan Jan got a stone in her eye today, or the windshield took a rock. Only a short seventy-four miles yesterday just to get down the road some and there are not many options on campgrounds. By The River RV Park is beside the Guadalupe River and there are some pictures. Today Buster went down the road two hundred forty-six miles to get here in Fort Stockton. Bonnie was up early and we were on the road by eight-thirty this morning.

Buster's step extended and firm

Buster's step retracted in

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