Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Texas RV Supply - Jul 9

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Texas RV Supply - 74 degrees partly sunny this morning to mostly sunny 97 degrees.

After I posted last night things started happening, the partly sunny turned into a quick rain shower just enough water to make everything wet. Then we must have tripped a circuit breaker, I opened and closed the ones in the box Buster is plugged into but the main that powers the t twelve volt would not energize. I started the generator the power transferred and every thing was working normal so we stayed on generator power all night. Now it is our out early today so more work can be done on the entry step and the patio awning.

About eleven o’clock service called for Tan Jan so tow bar base plates and lights wiring can be installed, we were at Buck-ee's travel stop north of San Antonio on I 35. We had breakfast and a Wal-Mart fix gassed up TJ and washed her. Buster’s engine and generator got and oil and filter change. Bonnie I and Merry waited in the store Merry took it all in stride.

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