Monday, July 8, 2013

Texas RV Supply - Jul 8

Monday, July 8, 2013

Texas RV Supply - 74 degrees partly sunny this morning to partly sunny 91 degrees.

I am remiss in taking pictures the past few days either leaving the camera on the computer desk or not taking it out of my pocket and snapping a picture. I will try and improve that, getting the camera out more often.

Buster Parked at Texas RV

After slowly getting packed up I drove Buster and Bonnie drove Tan Jan (TJ) to Texas RV Supply. On the way we made a detour to fill the diesel and propane gas tanks at Flying J then to the RV shop For Buster. I checked in then parked in the back we took off with our cat Merry to get some lunch. We kept the car air conditioner on (engine running) for merry while eating. The RV shop started this afternoon getting the transfer switch replaced.

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