Saturday, September 28, 2013

"The Yard" Big Wells, TX Sept 28

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"The Yard" Big Wells, TX 77 degrees and partly cloudy to 98 degrees and partly sunny. We had three or four short rain showers no large accumulation.

Happy Birthday Irene

I will need to take Bonnie to Pearsall, TX the gate we will be at is north northwest of "The Yard" and the route I will drive Buster will be fifty-wo miles going back to Dilley on SR 85 and west on SR 117 seventeen miles then turning left south then west on CR 4757 for 6.8 miles. This is a dirt road and is in better shape entering from this direction. Yesterday afternoon Bonnie and I drove there from the other direction going to Big Wells then north on SR 1867 a trip of twenty-eight miles and of that eight miles is poor condition dirt road.

Today I spent time cleaning Tan Jan after fifteen miles of dirt road driving and when we were back on SR 117 we had a good rain shower for about six to ten miles as we went to Uvalde. So today we will rest here at Buster and do some chores. There were a lot of miles the past two days.

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