Saturday, September 28, 2013

"The Yard" Big Wells, TX - we have a gate

Friday, September 27, 2013

"The Yard" Big Wells, TX 75 degrees and mostly cloudy to 98 degrees and partly sunny.

In the afternoon there was one wet cloud that crossed our path while driving on SR 117 (State Road).

I checked with the Post Office in Big Wells for a delivery of mail from Lakewood and called Lakewood for mail so that will come next week. But just getting there and to NAPA store in Dilley was a problem as today they are re-paving SR 468 from the intersection of SR 85 east/south about a mile of single road traffic with flag men. There are not any alternate roads to take. So I had to wait going to the Post Office then going to Dilley on SR 85 it was back thru the same intersection with another wait, but it is only time. I went to Dilley to return the old battery getting more than a sixteen dollar credit. I toured around a little then went to Cotulla driving down interstate thirty-five all this to avoid the single lane construction area. It is just a big circle, and got some info on RV parking there in Cotulla.

By the time I returned to Buster Bonnie was awake and later the gate coordinator called with a temporary gate assignment for a month. This gate for us will start Tuesday and last for a month. It is located in Zavala County Texas north northwest of our current location. Bonnie and I drove there to talk with the present gate person. There are two ways in and the way we got there I will not take Buster, but it was the shorter route from our current location. From there we went to Uvalde and purchased some supply's for the gate assignment.

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