Monday, September 16, 2013

The Ranch evacuation to Carlsbad

The Ranch evacuation to Carlsbad
Most people and pets under twenty pounds were evacuated by helicopter the rest by boat. This was only about a mile to the other side of the west arroyo where FLETC buses (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) from the Artesia training center and Carlsbad and Artesia fire were waiting for assisting used to anyone needing help medically. These were three or four ranch hands some with their pet on each flight. When four the co-pilot stayed on the ground at the ranch. There were three groups of ranch hands delivered to the middle school. For most this was their first helicopter flight maybe even a "bucket list" item?
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Helicopter landing on Lakewood Road
From Lakewood Road we were bused to PR Leyva Middle School on west Church street in Carlsbad. Some ranch hands and pets went to other places, homes of friends family or church friends in Carlsbad and Artesia. The American Red Cross from Albuquerque operated the shelter Thursday and Friday and Friday night they were relieved by Roswell red cross group, Carlsbad police, National Guard, Carlsbad schools, Southern Baptist relief group, Carlsbad transit all provided for us. Carlsbad Wal-Mart made a clothing donation.

Arroyo behind the ranch
Some ranch hands elected to sleep in hotels but spent the remainder of the day at the shelter. As to the normal Red Cross procedure the pets could not stay in the Red Cross shelter. Pets were sent to a pet shelter and some pets with their "people" were in private homes or hotels. The sheltered pets were transported back to the ranch by shelter trucks.

in the top of the picture behind windmill vista
American Red Cross provided blankets cots and towels, Southern Baptist relief group did most of our meals and the school also provided some meals. Carlsbad transit all provided transportation while we were there allowing us to get to Wal-Mart as most did not have everything they needed there in the shelter, mostly clothes as most were concentrating on medicine, pets or telephone chargers.

Lakewood road flooded
Cards were provided and hand and foot card games were played by many different players every day. Drinks, (soda and juices) water and coffee all we could consume was available thanks to all the providers. Carlsbad transit provided the "short buses" (6) Saturday for our return to the ranch carrying more than we took out. At lunch on Saturday we were given the news that the transit buses will leave the school for the ranch at two and the pets will meet us there. The buses were able to drive Lakewood Road and SKP ranch road with a few inches of water in the arroyo and there was no road damage or sink holes.

FLETC bus waiting to receive ranch hands

Walking to the bus

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