Thursday, September 26, 2013

“The Yard” Big Wells, TX Sept 26

Thursday, September 26, 2013

"The Yard" Big Wells, TX 71 degrees and sunny 98 degrees and sunny.
Bonnie did an all nighter and is now sleeping. I was able to get some information from the internet last night that the battery box is located behind the front passenger seat in the floor, and I have a visual now go to work changing out the battery. Happy Birthday John.

The battery is below this cover
In googling the battery location I also found directions and tool sizes and other user information about changing the battery. My other problem is my own fault as there were tools I could not locate in Busters compartments. And I used a rope to lift the battery as the original equipment does not have and handles, the Napa replacement does.

Cover removed and new battery installed

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Lakewood, NM things are moving forward;

"Today we finished the rough grading except for 3 lots where things need to be moved for access and fill brought in. Most of the fine grading has also been done with rakes and shovels. There are still casitas to be returned to location with cleaning and airing to be done.

The Ranch is not back to pre – flood condition, but it is very livable, even the laundry has been in service. People are returning and mostly staying on their lots, although a few might have to stay on a different lot for a while until theirs is finished.

I’ve noticed that the work is moving faster now that we have more people helping, especially with the fine grading and debris pickup. It is always nice to have willing hands pitching in to help.

The gate guard duty ended today and I think tonight’s meal will be the last for the volunteer workers. The Ranch is quickly returning to normal.

I believe that Saturday is the "official" return day, but lot holders are already returning and are staying and helping. Everything is operational including the wi-fi. Welcome home, whenever you return. (Bob C)".

While Bonnie was sleeping I drove to Uvalde, TX going to the ATT Wireless store. We now have a 3G GO Phone with a local area code. It is a smart phone with out a contract that is getting a good signal in this area. ATT is the big wireless phone company here in south Texas. When I got back Bonnie was up and ready to go out exploring the area in the daylight.

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