Thursday, September 26, 2013

"The Yard" Big Wells, TX Sept 25

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lone Star Corral Hondo, Texas 68 degrees and sunny to 97 degrees and sunny.

Not much happened this morning as we did as it was warm early today. Bonnie is practicing staying up late for our gate guarding job coming up so I was also trying to be quite and not bang compartment doors closed, of course the easiest way to do that is not open them in the first place. I went in for lunch early and was watching some recorded programs when my telephone rang just after two o’clock and we got a gate west of Big Wells, TX. Bonnie and I made ready to go now.

I had for gotten what happened yesterday when we attempted to go into Hondo for some things the car would not start because of a low battery. I got out my charge and connected it for fifteen minutes and I was able to start Tan Jan. I assumed the battery was run down from leaving the doors open and lights on most of the day. I had taken chairs and the table out and placed the portable decks in front of Buster’s door because of the large first step. Today I rolled down the windows and made sure not to run the battery down. Well the car again would not start. Now these new cars the battery is placed wherever the designer wants and not under the hood. Today I got a jump start and purchased a new battery in Dilly, TX on the way to our gate.

Well than there was another problem, I exited the interstate 35 at Dilly and stopped to put fuel in Buster, there at the pump was the coordinator I am to meet. That was handy. The talking lead to the battery and there was a NAPA store right there as we will start going west on TX 85, so I purchased a battery. Still do not know where to install it but I have the battery. And I used it a couple of times to jump start Tan Jan latter in the day.

As we were heading west southwest on 85 I guess Rick got a call and the timing of the gate dried up and we diverted to a RV "yard" on a ranch. This is nowhere-ville , we are out there in the boonies. Seventeen miles west of Cotulla and six miles east of Big Wells which is a step above Lakewood that has only a post office. We followed him here and waited two hours while he had several telephone calls before he decided a gate was not happening today. So I disconnected Tan Jan and backed into this open camp site 50 amp electric with water and sewer connection. So now we wait here for a gate. I am having trouble up loading pictures until I can have a better connection to the internet.
Buster parked at "The Yard" Big Wells, TX

Buster’s total trip was eighty eight miles mostly on state road but there was a short run on interstate 35.

"The Yard" Big Wells, TX 100 degrees and sunny.

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