Sunday, August 17, 2014

Atascosa RV Park Pleasanton, Texas - Aug 16

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Turtle Bayou RV Park - Wallisville, Texas  - 77 degrees and mostly sunny.
Yesterday morning we crossed to the west side of the Mississippi river. Bonnie and I were rolling out of the park at nine this morning, this has been a great trip for me as we are getting more miles in the morning and more miles per day, real easy drives.

Atascosa RV Park Pleasanton, Texas  - 104 degrees with 23% humidity and sunny.
Diesel $ 3.729 in Baytown riding on the top half of the fuel tank after Florida where I drove on both sides of the fuel tank not wanting to pay the higher prices on central Florida.
I 10 West
After Baytown we drove thru Houston (yes it was Saturday) traffic was medium to heavy (where is everyone going?) but rolling at or above the speed limit. Yes interstate ten is well traveled and even west of Houston the traffic remained heavy. There was light truck traffic mostly cars. In the picture every vehicle in front of Buster has passed by Buster.

Two hundred and fifty-eight miles interstate ten to San Antonio then interstate thirty-seven south to Pleasanton area. Buster was in the park by two o’clock. It was like an oven with the afternoon temperature and low humidity, setting up and connecting Buster. Five travel days in six days and twelve hundred and thirty-five miles covered.
Buster is the "darkie" in the picture

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