Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Buster’s Gate - Calliham, Texas. Aug 17 - 18

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Atascosa RV Park Pleasanton, Texas  - 79 degrees and partly sunny to 106 degrees and hazy sunny (HHH), hazy hot humid, not so much humidity, 23% but you could see the humidity.

We took a ride this afternoon checking gates, we were offered another gate today starting tomorrow. From our present location close and closer to everything then the first gate. But it is still not close to anything, forty-five miles into the grocery store in Pleasanton. I was too busy driving, looking and riding to take pictures.

We have to be drug screened again tomorrow in Pleasanton then on to work the gate.

Monday, August 18, 2014
Atascosa RV Park Pleasanton, Texas  - 79 degrees and mostly sunny to 104 degrees and mostly sunny.
Bonnie in uniform
Bonnie and I checked in on the telephone and then went for the drug screen office in Pleasanton. We went to Walmart and called in completed the drug screen and went to the gate company office. We picked up out uniforms and signed some paperwork. We went to lunch and were waiting for the call to take Buster to the gate.
Buster at Gate location with generator
Buster’s Gate - Calliham, Texas. 
Bonnie and I finally got the call to gate, late as people were waiting for us but there was no call. We arrived on site at six tonight positioned Buster, right side is west. There is a generator but no water setup (fresh or drain).

Looking to the in Gate

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